Monday, May 7, 2007

Art Event

Chris Coleman Incident Report

Chris Coleman has an edgy style with a message. Chris is concerned about the amount of industrial pollution that is effecting the eco-system of our planet. He has created some interesting works of art. I liked Colusion, a film of a smokestack breathing the pollution back in. His work makes a person think about the amount of pollution that is spewed into the air every day. In his work Spatiodynamic Chris used fans under a sheet to create shapes that were controlled by a computer. Coleman said that information divides, by this I think he means that people with access to information oppress those without.
The work EDU is constructed on a 15x15 foot grid with 1.5x1.5 foot blocks, one of the questions he asks is do people living close together with no green space have a lower standard of living. In this work images ate replaced in slow motion and the result is a image of a nuclear attack. At the end Coleman stated that we need to re-access our safety systems and understand our collective investment and analyze vectors of progress and power

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Project Progress report

Exterior completed

Monday, April 23, 2007

Art Event
Book signing of the children's book S.S. Bathtub by David LaMotte, illustrated by Carrie Patterson. On Sunday my wife Donna and I went to the GoodWater of St. Mary's County for the book signing. David LaMotte played his guitar and sang some songs for the children in the audience. He interacted well with the kids. His singing reminded me of James Taylor, I thought he sounded great. I would like to see him next time he is in the area. Carrie Patterson was also at that event signing the book. Carrie's art work is in a simple style. there is no shading and the pages are very simple. My wife is the Liberian at Piney Point Elementary School and she was able to hobknob with other Teachers and Liberians that she knows. We bought a copy of the book and Donna tried it out on her students at school. She tells me that the Kids at school liked the book a lot. Some of the kids became quite concerned after readind the lines that said that we don't watch television.
Project proposal II

I propose an alternative project to celebrate the life giving energy from the sun. The ancient Egyptians worshiped the Sun God Ra as the giver of all life. The God of the ancient Aryans who settled in Iran, India, and Europe worshiped the God Dyeus, God of the Daylit Sky. Elements of these beliefs were later Incorporated in the beliefs of the Zoroastrians. The Japanese believe that the Imperial Family is descended from the Sun Goddess. The very atoms that we are made of were created in the hearts of suns that have since exploded. For this Project I propose to use the pyramid shape as the exterior shape enclosing the project. Inside I would construct a mobile of mirrors that are moved by wind power. My other ideas seen to have difficulties with the question of site. In my consideration of the requirements of this project I decided to start with site and to craft the project with site as the starting point. The site for this project can be anywhere that there is sunlight, wind. and viewers.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Installation Art

Installation Art has become a part of mainstream art, changing from an obscure part of the art world in the 1960"s. to a major branch in the last twenty years. Through interaction with the viewing public and the collaboration of artist and museums/ gallery's many elaborate works have been performed. Installation Art is highly dependant on location and the use of space and time. Many works have been created in which buildings or even mountains have been altered in some cases by wrapping with fabric. In a lot of cases the artist attempts to convey his/her opinions to the viewer, not that this has never been done in the past but this is done to a more extrema degree with Installation Art. A larger amount of information is attempted to be expressed buy the artist than in the past. Artist feel free to comment on the various issues facing our society at this time.
For my Project I would like to create a project that explored the ability of whales to talk to one another.I propose to build an object in which two people could talk to one-another using simulated Whale talk. This art object would consist of two strings that could be played with slides by two people as they practice using whale talk to one another. since whales have been sighed near by in the Potomac river. finding a spot for this piece of installation. The acquiring of a site for this display remains a difficult task.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Installation could be described as expanded sculpture that viewers can interact with or walk through. It is not new and can be traced to Radical Art Works of the 60's. there are also elements of Dada and Surrealism incorperated in this art form. The artist seeks to activate the viewer through the use of found objects. The deconstructive element of Installation has been one of the driving forces of this movement.